Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Long time now see..

Well, it's been a while since i posted anything new, obviously cause life was great.)) Live is always great, it's just sometimes..it is so annoying living with parents for the WHOLE month.., i am not 18 anymore, i came for my holidays, ..before coming i was so excited, that i will spend 28 days with them in my native country,..
I am leaving tomorrow, and i can't wait..yes i know i have to value every piece of my life, but i am so tired of being disrespected...my mother..gosh, i love her, but she treats her friends 1000 times better than me..but i am sure she loves me with a whole her heart, she brags about me all the time in front of her friends, but it doesn't change the fact that i hear it sometimes only from other people...
My parents live in a big beautiful house, one of the best houses i have ever seen, really great design and interior, ..they drive expensive cars..and still they, well, my mother doesn't feel herself happy.. always trying to find something to make a reason for reasonless dispute, i am f*cking tired of it.. feel so sorry for my father, which is a freaking hero who could stand this person for so long...his secret is..he doesn't give a shit right now, he wants to live a long life, hence he is playing tennis, working out, healthy food..etc, i can't just not give a shit about her...it is possible but is really hard, it is my mother for god's sake... its like she has a dual personality.. one is loving mother, great cook, caring, amazing laugh and beautiful voice, and she is very beautiful for her age, i wish my wife looked like her at her age...but the other person is .. gestapo inspector with senses of a bloodhound, voice like an imp, ...gosh, i am scared of her when she is like this...
Anyway i am flying back to Amster tomorrow morning, and i know my nerves will rest finally.. it was awful holidays, though i learnt a lot..  but i need coffee.)

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