Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday ..)) sleepy because of Shao-Kahn..

Gosh, i am so sleepy today..because of freaking Shao-Kahn , from mortal kombat legacy 9, i was trying to beat him all night long.. damn hard, but i could win one round, so it is not impossible..)

Today i started 6-pack diet, will see how it goes!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rainy morning.)

.) so wet) Today i woke up at 6:00 am..then 6:10, 6:20, 6:30..6:30! It was so sunny outside, so was my first time when i woke up so early to go to work, i was very proud of myself.. anyway after breakfast, i noticed that sun disappeared, which wasn't a big surprise because..well changes sometimes)
In the beginning of cycling, yeah i cycle bike here, i was a bit annoyed by excessive amount of cars around, but when rain started to fall, i realized that cars are like angels comparing to that rain.. my bike doesn't have any wheel protectors (even google didn't help to find this word), anyway these plastic covers which supposed to protect a cyclist from splashes, and i started to panic, because i didn't want to come to work with dirty and wet ass..... after 2 minutes, i was in the middle of the way, it started bucket down so hard, that i forgot about all these wheel covers, i wanted to come to work as soon as possible....i was swearing first..) but after i felt that EvERYthing is wet, i turned on a music and crazy smile appeared on my face..) there is a place, 500 meters from my work, with a lot of dogs, which were always barking at me.. i was kinda hoping to see my friends again, you share similar tragedy.) but i saw them sitting under the roof, smiling at me..)))) such losers)
When i got to work, there was nobody, thanks god, i put my bag on a chair,went to the bathroom, when i was back, i took the bag from the chair and there was a huge brown watery stain on it..) do you know what was it?) ..In my first University yeah, we had a project about Fisherman's friends, company which produces different kind of lozenges, and i bought one, to see how it tastes, cause i hadn't tried them before, back there, ...i didn't like them, because i bought very strong once, brown colored, ..i left them in my bag, and never saw them again, of course i totally forgot that they were still there.. that was their destiny, after 3 years, to get wet and spoil somebody's chair..))
Now i am trying to concentrate and make my body like a heater, to dry my clothes, so far it doesn't work.. but if nothing is impossible, then must be i am doing something wrong)))
BTW rain has stopped.)

I just like this quote..)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Awful coffee ..

..These Mondays, after weekends.. box of Cin-A-Bits on a table, coffee is already for a while sitting close to my laptop, opened FaceBook... It is shitty weather in Los Angeles..)

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Today i am working with Facebook all day long, i really hope to get 5000 fans by the time i leave this country and finish my internship, now i have only 700, and when i came in February there were only 537, i know, it seems impossible, but i want it!
I even found some web-sites where you can buy fans? how is it possible.. i mean, having amount of fake fans definitively is not my goal, and who would do that..
Anyway i am trying new things with it, i hope i can achieve my goal! ..the company is a but inflexible, but its ok, it is good experience..)
BTW i will work this weekend for sure! i found awesome google analytics videos, need to watch them, cause it is way better to understand watching some expert explaining, than reading a book, but book has also so many advantages... anyway..) whatever, will see.)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tupac Hologram Full Performance Coachella 2012.....Amazing

I have no idea how they did that..but it opens gates to unlimited possibilities for concerts now..! Can you imagine..Beatles, Michel Jackson, .... Justin Beiber ....don't...dont tell me that he is alive.. I would rather believe that NASA unveiled their true photos of Mars, with aliens...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mortal Kombat nap

Last night i have played Mortal Kombat 9 on PS3..awesome! I played Story line..after 5 hours i decided to play online... before those 5 hours i played with a friend who were saying that he will just decimate me.. but he never won for 1 hour playing..he gave up eventually. So i played with a guy online, after doin 78% combo to me..i realized that i can't play... it is a bit unfair..and my opinion, there are so many nice spec moves in this game..anyway i slept only 4 hours, and now i am going to go to small park, close to work, and sleep for about 30 minutes..

The end of snowboarding season..2012

Yesterday i went to mountains to snowboard..and its was not so great as i thought it would be, the reason is the sitckness of the snow.. it wasn't wet, but it was more difficult to change sides..and a lot of people! that was the main reason, we ate mega mountain burger each, then small sandwich in a car on a way home, and that was it! Great BBQ after though.. Anyway, i have so many ideas today..this TED company is great! Amazing!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Rainy Friday

It is always sunny in this city, but today it rains like a hell!
Yesterday i was watching IPhone presentation by Steve Jobs..oh man, he is good, two hours advertising, and you watch it, even now, wishing for not being disturbed, because it is so engaging and passionate. I also want to do a presentation like this one day. Today is a second day when i am listening to TED, at any moment of time if i don't work..its great! So much of information, interesting information..
Today i was skyping in the morning before work with the girl, who truly loves me, i believe..and the point i highlighted for myself is that she understand me 100%, and always supports..
I have been living out of home for already almost 4 years.. in Europe, and now US, and i really need small support sometimes.. because living alone that amount of time makes some changes in person's mind, i am sure. I have such huge craving to play Gothic 3, it is game's series which i like so much, i played Gothic 1 and 2 ...15 times in total may be.. But i truly understand that it is a waste of time.. and it is really hard to say no, because i can do that at work! and nobody will say anything to me, because i work in video game publishing/developing company..  But i know i have to pursue my dreams and not to waste my time..
Sometimes it happens with me, that i have to play something (RPG) and finish it..but i play insanely passionate, for 3-4 days, 20 hours a day..sleeping on the computer, waking up, eating something what is close to me and continue playing again..last time it happened when i was playing Skyrim... gosh, while having sex with my girlfriend..why i indicated MY.. i was thinking of Skyrim missions... i have to try frost magic and axe together, or.. immobilization bow with increased sneak skill...ahaha))) so funny))
Anyway, i am going to my sister's today, i am sure it will be fine..and despite freaking cold outside and insane rain, i took swimming clothes, wishing to get some sun..)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Small correction

Well....  i will go to my sisters place this weekend, but not really want to to be honest..or i do, just can't acknowledge it.. she broke up with a boyfriend, and he keeps holding her under the pressure, sending flowers, saying what he feels, and other bullshit, they broke up several times it won't work anyway, ..
I will try to keep acquiring knowledge all the time i am there..! It is so hard to make a choice, because she needs me, at least this period of her life, but i want to make changes in my life, and it is hardly possible to do when i am with her..As my friend from Turkey used to say : "To implement impossible, needs to take one more step.."..or something like that..)

PS Technology is one of my best friends now..cause nobody gonna listen to my problems..all the people are selfish in its own nature..and don't give a damn of what other think (except mom), but she can't help, because nobody was in even slightly similar position.. I am a discoverer of new worlds in my family.. And i don't blame them..people, because it is what we are..) there is one person actually who would listen to every time-wasting shit i am saying..because she loves me.. but i don't..if i did, i would have no doubt about it right?...yeah i wouldn't

New day, New life

Yesterday i was going home, from quite a boring seminar, which was a waste of time at first.. i spend my weekends with my sister, in a very nice area, where rich people live..but i live almost among homeless and the lowest class people, taking public transportation is so freaking depressing in this city.. Such significant contrast made me think..and think, while waiting for a bus, for about 50 minutes, after 2 hours trip by a train, i realized, that i don't want to live like them..with no purpose in live, i always wanted to earn a lot of money, about 200,000$ a month. Doing small math yesterday, at the buss stop, i figured that i need about 70 million dollar. 200,000$ a month, makes 1.2$ million a year, multiplied by amount of years i will live, approximately makes it 70 years, a bit less, i just like this number.
When i came how i watched a video on youtube, how to earn 100,000, while typing how to earn 100,000,000 dollar. First video which popped up was about some guy, talking to students with motivational speech and he said:
"How badly do you want to earn this money?, if you go under the water what do you need? ..i need to breath was an answer..yes! You need to want to earn that amount of money as you would want to breath like you are under the dont want chat with your friends (unless my mom...))), you don't want waste your time, only want to breath!"
That is a very interesting approach, so today, if i am cycling or was on a bus, i was listening to TED videos, which are great, i learnt something, before even going to work..and it is not a work, it is placement..i still need to finish my diploma, after i finish it in July...
Another question, how can i earn this money... I need to read Steve Jobs book, my internal feeling tells me, that i will find something interesting AND, i will spend this weekend, for the first time while i am in US, 2 month so far, not with my sister, but learning and reading..and it is so freaking hard to convince myself not to go there...she was going to cook pancakes and ...small pancakes from cottage cheese, in Russian we call it Sirniki, kind of Chessiki..) really good! I will post the picture of them! and this is HUGE sacrifice, but not wasting my time, while other people do, should lead me closer to my dream!.. And it is a question, being there with a family, is a waste of time or not? it is another topic..

BTW my mussels hurt so much, especially abs, after pilates.. considering that i am very sporty, six pack etc... but still... i will go there next time for sure, there was one nice girl..))

Ok, need get back to work
Yeah..i know..its crazy to say no to this!!! god, next life i will be just eating....eating and eating...naaaa it is awesome to look good)))

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pilates class

Yesterday i went to pilates class, in a fitness center..for the first time, i can't say that i am really tired, but it was such a punishment cycling to work this morning. Today will be one meeting and one event, the last one should be interesting, but i don't want to go there for 1 stupid reason, i dont have a car, and it is too far to go there by bike, and i dont really like public transportation in this city, but i have to go, there might be new opportunities for my future career.
I just loved this picture))