Sunday, May 20, 2012

Diablo 3 how to earn money

Have been playing Diablo 3 for already 5 days...such a weird feeling, i love it from one side, and from other it is too much of time wasting..) Anyway, it is quite an actual question, about money in DIablo 3.
Auction, don't waste your time and money on selling cheap items, not legendary or rare kind. It is quite obvious that offer is increasing.
When you are searching for some item, using "max price for a buyout" option can you help to find what you are looking for, better. Don't forget to make sure that "has socket" option is on the list.
About the socket, i am talking about it as a person who has never played Diablo 1 and 2 properly.. , so socket is for Gems, which will increase your awesomeness, believe me!.)
Open to see the list of them and theirs' attributes. For example Ruby for weapons is the best (Monk), increasing its attack by several heavy chunks.

About the auction.
While setting a price, for example of something for 15,000 (buyout), set starting price around 1,348, which would look like if somebody bid on it.

Obvious, but worth mentioning. When you are fighting with some bidder on an item you are trying to win, use rule of 7 seconds. 7 seconds before an auction ends, bid on an item, in average plus 10 -15% of its price, it should be higher than all other bidders bids.)  Sounds funny)

My recommendation is to make an accent on Magic Drop skill, the higher level increases, the better drop! I am fighting in Diablo 3 with  a ring i picked up.

And have patience, buying bracers for all the money, if it is a big sum is not very rational, i am sure that waiting for an hour or two, it will be possible to find an item you want.

Have to go to work tomorrow.../)

Friday, May 18, 2012

KLM ticket or a laptop..

I have a ticket from KLM, from Amsterdam to Los Angeles and back. It happened that i have to go back earlier, because i have to resit a couple exams, University didn't allow me to take exams later, but i must pass them, and i will, that is not a problem, problem is that i can't change date of departure.. That is ridiculous, that such a long distance tickets can't be changed, and new one, even one way, costs around $900...crazy.. every time i buy tickets, small saw cutting my heart, because i would rather renewed my laptop, which is 5 year old already. I know i may sound irrational and stupid, and it is not a big problem comparing to other people's issues.. but in my position it is really hard to save money, because i have no income, everything my dad gives me, i give away for a rent and education.. stupid, i am working in gaming industry..with shitty laptop Asus X71 series.. everything will be alright, and of course tickets are expensive, how much these planes cost, how much of petrol do they consume, so the price actually is not that big.. so looking forward to earn my own money!!
Everything is ok, and will be better!)))

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I want 6 packs so badly..

There is a girl, my ex, i broke up with her..for... a very uncommon reason, i wanted something serious, she wanted just a game..because she had broken up with her serious boyfriend, 6 month after she started dating with me... date..i think this word is irrelevant for this situation. Anyway, she really liked my body (i will upload it), but i spoiled her so much, that she told me several times that i have slightly big flanks... (and she know how crazy i am about an extra fat..)so, 2-3- weeks ago (current time), i decided ..or i found finally really good incentive to dry my body out, get rid of my residual fat.. i want to have 6 packs so much, i eat 2 bowls of oatmeals cooked on water, and 2 salads with tuna or chicken a day..and 1-2 apples, that is it! After even 1 week i felt that my pants became loose, BUT, after i go to my sister, i eat there sandwiches..which makes my so angry afterwards, because i eat so much..when i get back..i just have to control myself, i know i can do it. The most awful thing about tasty food, that it is highly unfair short-term pleasure, you enjoy it ONLY when you eat it..but after, it takes days to get rid of these saturated fat and bunches of calories. That is why i decided to eat like i described for 1.5 more month, before i leave US to the country where i study (i want to become anonymous), and where this girla is.. i know i won't be happy with her, just want to see her face when she sees me..i know its stupid and meaningless..but i want it, and i won't harm anybody, besides who said that great-body sex is bad?))
PS Diablo 3 is awesome!!! BUt my junker-pc doesn't have required it goes but 2 times slower than it should be..! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I just want to achieve my goals

And it is quite challenging, and i love it that it is not that easy. I don't know what to expect from my future path, i don't know what challenges and obstacles i will face, but i will pass through them, little by little. I know how it is hard to start doing something big, but if  the problem or a task is broken down into medium complexity tasks, and then these into small tasks, then it is way easier to start. What does it take to do something, 5 minute consuming?  I mean it is just 5 minute, everybody can do that.
Today i was listening to one of the presentations from TED, and i liked one expression from their talks, small details rule the world. And one more from Sherlock Holmes, "Only small details matter".
I will fight for implementing my dreams into reality, no matter how much of time i will have to sacrifice, and it is not sacrificing, it is gaining experience. And for the last, being busy for me is the best medicine against depression and everything associated with it.
Don't worry, while you keep breathing never give up, never give up, never give up!
PS, i am so happy and unhappy at the same time that i can't play Diablo 3, i would waste so much time! I know i shouldn't..)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Negative effect of weekends

Do you know why i don't like long weekends? because it throws me off the track. By long i mean 4-days weekend. Ok, i have to work, and work hard! And i don't like Firefox, because it doesn't automatically give you presumable variants of the search terms.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Today i had a clarification of my thoughts, wants and desires. I want to work in New York in Google in marketing and product/business development department. I know that i will be good at it, i still love video-games, and i will love them, but i want to do something more useful for people. It tapped my potential, i found out that i have very good creative thinking, leadership skills, consulting and communication skills. I always achieved what i was striving for, and i have no doubts that i will get this position in Google, i just have to work hard, and believe in myself.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Work..and motivation..!

Work Work Work, patience and believing in ourselves is the best recipe for a success!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Looking for Friday's sandwich

I am so looking for Friday's sandwich, cause i am on a diet and can't eat such great food every day..6 know/..)