Friday, May 18, 2012

KLM ticket or a laptop..

I have a ticket from KLM, from Amsterdam to Los Angeles and back. It happened that i have to go back earlier, because i have to resit a couple exams, University didn't allow me to take exams later, but i must pass them, and i will, that is not a problem, problem is that i can't change date of departure.. That is ridiculous, that such a long distance tickets can't be changed, and new one, even one way, costs around $900...crazy.. every time i buy tickets, small saw cutting my heart, because i would rather renewed my laptop, which is 5 year old already. I know i may sound irrational and stupid, and it is not a big problem comparing to other people's issues.. but in my position it is really hard to save money, because i have no income, everything my dad gives me, i give away for a rent and education.. stupid, i am working in gaming industry..with shitty laptop Asus X71 series.. everything will be alright, and of course tickets are expensive, how much these planes cost, how much of petrol do they consume, so the price actually is not that big.. so looking forward to earn my own money!!
Everything is ok, and will be better!)))

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