Thursday, May 17, 2012

I want 6 packs so badly..

There is a girl, my ex, i broke up with her..for... a very uncommon reason, i wanted something serious, she wanted just a game..because she had broken up with her serious boyfriend, 6 month after she started dating with me... date..i think this word is irrelevant for this situation. Anyway, she really liked my body (i will upload it), but i spoiled her so much, that she told me several times that i have slightly big flanks... (and she know how crazy i am about an extra fat..)so, 2-3- weeks ago (current time), i decided ..or i found finally really good incentive to dry my body out, get rid of my residual fat.. i want to have 6 packs so much, i eat 2 bowls of oatmeals cooked on water, and 2 salads with tuna or chicken a day..and 1-2 apples, that is it! After even 1 week i felt that my pants became loose, BUT, after i go to my sister, i eat there sandwiches..which makes my so angry afterwards, because i eat so much..when i get back..i just have to control myself, i know i can do it. The most awful thing about tasty food, that it is highly unfair short-term pleasure, you enjoy it ONLY when you eat it..but after, it takes days to get rid of these saturated fat and bunches of calories. That is why i decided to eat like i described for 1.5 more month, before i leave US to the country where i study (i want to become anonymous), and where this girla is.. i know i won't be happy with her, just want to see her face when she sees me..i know its stupid and meaningless..but i want it, and i won't harm anybody, besides who said that great-body sex is bad?))
PS Diablo 3 is awesome!!! BUt my junker-pc doesn't have required it goes but 2 times slower than it should be..! 

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