Thursday, April 12, 2012

Small correction

Well....  i will go to my sisters place this weekend, but not really want to to be honest..or i do, just can't acknowledge it.. she broke up with a boyfriend, and he keeps holding her under the pressure, sending flowers, saying what he feels, and other bullshit, they broke up several times it won't work anyway, ..
I will try to keep acquiring knowledge all the time i am there..! It is so hard to make a choice, because she needs me, at least this period of her life, but i want to make changes in my life, and it is hardly possible to do when i am with her..As my friend from Turkey used to say : "To implement impossible, needs to take one more step.."..or something like that..)

PS Technology is one of my best friends now..cause nobody gonna listen to my problems..all the people are selfish in its own nature..and don't give a damn of what other think (except mom), but she can't help, because nobody was in even slightly similar position.. I am a discoverer of new worlds in my family.. And i don't blame them..people, because it is what we are..) there is one person actually who would listen to every time-wasting shit i am saying..because she loves me.. but i don't..if i did, i would have no doubt about it right?...yeah i wouldn't

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