Friday, April 13, 2012

Rainy Friday

It is always sunny in this city, but today it rains like a hell!
Yesterday i was watching IPhone presentation by Steve Jobs..oh man, he is good, two hours advertising, and you watch it, even now, wishing for not being disturbed, because it is so engaging and passionate. I also want to do a presentation like this one day. Today is a second day when i am listening to TED, at any moment of time if i don't work..its great! So much of information, interesting information..
Today i was skyping in the morning before work with the girl, who truly loves me, i believe..and the point i highlighted for myself is that she understand me 100%, and always supports..
I have been living out of home for already almost 4 years.. in Europe, and now US, and i really need small support sometimes.. because living alone that amount of time makes some changes in person's mind, i am sure. I have such huge craving to play Gothic 3, it is game's series which i like so much, i played Gothic 1 and 2 ...15 times in total may be.. But i truly understand that it is a waste of time.. and it is really hard to say no, because i can do that at work! and nobody will say anything to me, because i work in video game publishing/developing company..  But i know i have to pursue my dreams and not to waste my time..
Sometimes it happens with me, that i have to play something (RPG) and finish it..but i play insanely passionate, for 3-4 days, 20 hours a day..sleeping on the computer, waking up, eating something what is close to me and continue playing again..last time it happened when i was playing Skyrim... gosh, while having sex with my girlfriend..why i indicated MY.. i was thinking of Skyrim missions... i have to try frost magic and axe together, or.. immobilization bow with increased sneak skill...ahaha))) so funny))
Anyway, i am going to my sister's today, i am sure it will be fine..and despite freaking cold outside and insane rain, i took swimming clothes, wishing to get some sun..)

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