Thursday, April 12, 2012

New day, New life

Yesterday i was going home, from quite a boring seminar, which was a waste of time at first.. i spend my weekends with my sister, in a very nice area, where rich people live..but i live almost among homeless and the lowest class people, taking public transportation is so freaking depressing in this city.. Such significant contrast made me think..and think, while waiting for a bus, for about 50 minutes, after 2 hours trip by a train, i realized, that i don't want to live like them..with no purpose in live, i always wanted to earn a lot of money, about 200,000$ a month. Doing small math yesterday, at the buss stop, i figured that i need about 70 million dollar. 200,000$ a month, makes 1.2$ million a year, multiplied by amount of years i will live, approximately makes it 70 years, a bit less, i just like this number.
When i came how i watched a video on youtube, how to earn 100,000, while typing how to earn 100,000,000 dollar. First video which popped up was about some guy, talking to students with motivational speech and he said:
"How badly do you want to earn this money?, if you go under the water what do you need? ..i need to breath was an answer..yes! You need to want to earn that amount of money as you would want to breath like you are under the dont want chat with your friends (unless my mom...))), you don't want waste your time, only want to breath!"
That is a very interesting approach, so today, if i am cycling or was on a bus, i was listening to TED videos, which are great, i learnt something, before even going to work..and it is not a work, it is placement..i still need to finish my diploma, after i finish it in July...
Another question, how can i earn this money... I need to read Steve Jobs book, my internal feeling tells me, that i will find something interesting AND, i will spend this weekend, for the first time while i am in US, 2 month so far, not with my sister, but learning and reading..and it is so freaking hard to convince myself not to go there...she was going to cook pancakes and ...small pancakes from cottage cheese, in Russian we call it Sirniki, kind of Chessiki..) really good! I will post the picture of them! and this is HUGE sacrifice, but not wasting my time, while other people do, should lead me closer to my dream!.. And it is a question, being there with a family, is a waste of time or not? it is another topic..

BTW my mussels hurt so much, especially abs, after pilates.. considering that i am very sporty, six pack etc... but still... i will go there next time for sure, there was one nice girl..))

Ok, need get back to work
Yeah..i know..its crazy to say no to this!!! god, next life i will be just eating....eating and eating...naaaa it is awesome to look good)))

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