Thursday, April 19, 2012


Today i am working with Facebook all day long, i really hope to get 5000 fans by the time i leave this country and finish my internship, now i have only 700, and when i came in February there were only 537, i know, it seems impossible, but i want it!
I even found some web-sites where you can buy fans? how is it possible.. i mean, having amount of fake fans definitively is not my goal, and who would do that..
Anyway i am trying new things with it, i hope i can achieve my goal! ..the company is a but inflexible, but its ok, it is good experience..)
BTW i will work this weekend for sure! i found awesome google analytics videos, need to watch them, cause it is way better to understand watching some expert explaining, than reading a book, but book has also so many advantages... anyway..) whatever, will see.)

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