Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rainy morning.)

.) so wet) Today i woke up at 6:00 am..then 6:10, 6:20, 6:30..6:30! It was so sunny outside, so was my first time when i woke up so early to go to work, i was very proud of myself.. anyway after breakfast, i noticed that sun disappeared, which wasn't a big surprise because..well changes sometimes)
In the beginning of cycling, yeah i cycle bike here, i was a bit annoyed by excessive amount of cars around, but when rain started to fall, i realized that cars are like angels comparing to that rain.. my bike doesn't have any wheel protectors (even google didn't help to find this word), anyway these plastic covers which supposed to protect a cyclist from splashes, and i started to panic, because i didn't want to come to work with dirty and wet ass..... after 2 minutes, i was in the middle of the way, it started bucket down so hard, that i forgot about all these wheel covers, i wanted to come to work as soon as possible....i was swearing first..) but after i felt that EvERYthing is wet, i turned on a music and crazy smile appeared on my face..) there is a place, 500 meters from my work, with a lot of dogs, which were always barking at me.. i was kinda hoping to see my friends again, you share similar tragedy.) but i saw them sitting under the roof, smiling at me..)))) such losers)
When i got to work, there was nobody, thanks god, i put my bag on a chair,went to the bathroom, when i was back, i took the bag from the chair and there was a huge brown watery stain on it..) do you know what was it?) ..In my first University yeah, we had a project about Fisherman's friends, company which produces different kind of lozenges, and i bought one, to see how it tastes, cause i hadn't tried them before, back there, ...i didn't like them, because i bought very strong once, brown colored, ..i left them in my bag, and never saw them again, of course i totally forgot that they were still there.. that was their destiny, after 3 years, to get wet and spoil somebody's chair..))
Now i am trying to concentrate and make my body like a heater, to dry my clothes, so far it doesn't work.. but if nothing is impossible, then must be i am doing something wrong)))
BTW rain has stopped.)

I just like this quote..)

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